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Sep 16, 2021
Photo by Eric Ayres The 10th Street Garage in downtown Wheeling recently received some repairs and a fresh coat of paint in the form of the official city of Wheeling flag.
WHEELING — Another block in downtown Wheeling recently received a noticeable facelift, as the exterior of the 10th Street Garage was painted in the form of the city flag.
The configuration of a white stripe in the middle of two horizontal navy blue stripes of the city flag made the configuration of the three-deck parking garage a perfect canvas, city leaders indicated.
“To honor the city’s new city flag, the 10th Street Garage presented an excellent opportunity to beautify the downtown, beautify the garage and also honor the city flag,” Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron said.
The paint job was completed last week at the 10th Street Garage, which has recently been receiving some routine maintenance and repairs. Early last month, city council hired Carl Walker Construction of Pittsburgh to perform needed work at the parking garage, which is located near a heavily traveled section or the northern part of downtown just east of the historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge near the Market Street area on-ramp to Interstate 70.
Herron said Wheeling Mayor Glenn Elliott presented the idea of displaying the city flag on the highly visible face of the three-level parking garage.
Many have noted that the new exterior paint on the parking garage truly helps spruce up the block.
“It already is an excellent addition to that parking structure, and I think that the community is going to be proud of the fact that the city flag is on the side of that structure,” Herron said, thanking the mayor for the suggestion.
The official city of Wheeling flag is from a newer design that was adopted in 2018 as part of the Wheeling 250 celebration. There have been other city flag designs used in the past, with the most recent previous version designed in 1964 but not adopted by city council until 1988. Officials had said that design had a few moments of interest over its 50-plus-year period of use, but it never seemed to be widely embraced.
Development of a new city flag as part of the Wheeling 250 celebration brought with it hopes that the new design could be used to help market the city, giving more of a push to make it a visible and recognizable symbol of the city. The mayor has noted that city flags are available for purchase at the Wheeling Artisan Center shop on 14th and Main streets.
The navy blue stripes on the flag represent the Ohio River and other waterways, according to the city’s website. Three total bars represent three major modes of transportation — river, road and rail. The middle stripe or white field in the middle contains five gold stars containing eight points each to resemble navigation stars, giving a nod to Wheeling as a transportation hub.
Each star is meant to represent a major era in Wheeling’s past: an indigenous star for the native tribes from which the city’s name was derived, a frontier star representing the area’s settlement and early U.S. history, a transportation star marking the city’s rise as an important crossroads of major travel arteries, a statehood star signifying its unique status as the only U.S. state born of the Civil War, and an industrial star boasting Wheeling’s history as a significant labor and manufacturing center.
Since Wheeling is considered the birthplace of West Virginia, the official state colors of navy blue and “old gold” are used in the city flag.
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