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The market for tenure-track jobs in philosophy “was vastly better than last year’s COVID-impacted season, but still not quite up to the level of TT job ads pre-COVID.”
So reports Marcus Arvan (Tampa) in his latest analysis of the academic philosophy job market, posted at The Philosophers’ Cocoon.
Using PhilJobs and his previous reports as sources, Professor Arvan informs us of total number of tenure-track (TT) jobs advertised in philosophy over the past several years, beginning with the most recent cycle:
2021-22: 201
2020-21: 118
2019-20: 224
2017-18: 228
2016-17: 231
He also breaks down these numbers by areas of specialization. Here’s a visual overview:

For further details, commentary, and discussion, check out the original post here.

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