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Earlier this year, India witnessed its first 5G spectrum. Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, India’s top telcos, have already announced their initial 5G services launch.
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After a long wait, India is ready to witness the dawn of 5G services which might pave the path for different possibilities while bolstering the country's position in the information technology field. According to Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology minister, telecom providers have been preparing for a seamless 5G service rollout across states by October.
Earlier this year, India witnessed its first 5G spectrum. Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, India’s top telcos, have already announced their initial 5G services launch. Airtel 5G services are available in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Siliguri, Hyderabad, Varanasi, and Nagpur, with the rest of the country expected to be covered soon.
Reliance Jio 5G network is available in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi. The telecom provider plans to spread the network throughout the country by December 2023.
Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. are some of the mobile phone providers expected to upgrade their 5G-enabled phones’ software in India by the end of December as the government pushes phone companies to embrace the fast-speed network. An India Samsung spokesperson said the mobile provider will rollout updates in all its 5G gadgets by mid-November.
As per industry sources, Apple intends to press software upgrades to the latest models, like iPhone 12, 13, 14, and SE. in a statement, Apple said that they’re working with their Indian carrier partners to ensure an outstanding 5G experience to its iPhone users immediately the network validation and performance and quality testing is completed. They added that 5G will be enabled via a software update and will start rolling out in December.
Muralikrishnan B, India's Xiaomi's president, said that, currently, their smartphones support Airtel 5G, and by the end of October, most devices will start getting Jio 5G network support updates.
Tasleem Arif, India’s Oppo vice president, noted that the provider would roll out a 5G software upgrade on the compatible devices that already support Airtel 5G as soon as possible.
These statements came after the communications and electronics and IT ministry officials held a meeting dedicated to the adoption of 5G. executives from Samsung, Apple, Vivo, and Xiaomi Corp, and telecom providers, including Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea, and Airtel were in attendance.    
The impending rollout of 5G services in India will drive the gaming industry to greater heights. Smartphones will turn the mobile phone into a gaming bedrock. Uploads and downloads of high-resolution games will be speedy. Prepared with computer and console capabilities, experts believe that 5G services and smartphones are likely to fuel the Indian gaming industry's next growth phase.
The 5G connectivity rollout will mean faster speed for online gambling enthusiasts, resulting in access to a broader range of games and making the experience more fun. The higher and more reliable connectivity will make online casino websites in India more accessible and faster.  
Thanks to 5G, gamers will experience quality real-time streaming for tournaments, competitions, and games. In addition, gamers can stream on various channels simultaneously, including Instagram Live, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and others. Additionally, multiplayer video games will be glitch-free, making it easier for users to Livestream real-time multiplayer games using their mobile phones.    
According to a staffing firm's estimate, the 5G services rollout by Indian telecom service providers is anticipated to create a demand for about 45,000 jobs over the next two quarters . These estimates added that the 5G rollout anticipation has already led to almost 80,000 5G-related hires this calendar year.
The interest in 5G-related profiles isn’t limited to telecom service providers alone. Staffing firm NLB services chief executive, Sachin Alug noted that the rising interest in 5G-associated tech talent also comes from healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and auto. He added that there had been a 15-20% quarter-on-quarter increase in overall 5G-related hiring.
Machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, networking engineers, cloud computing experts, cyber security specialists, user experience designers, and data analytics & data science experts are among the most in-demand profiles, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 20%.
Randstad India's director of professional search and selection and strategic accounts, Sanjay Shetty, said that they estimate that the 5G rollout will result in around 35,000 to 45,000 new jobs across manufacturing, transport, healthcare, logistics, education, and banking sectors because they’ll increasingly embrace digital solutions to optimize and streamline their operations. He added that vacancies related to 5G have already reached 68-70% in 2022’s first quarter.
Non-telecoms are likely to look for professionals in infrastructure development, network operations, equipment, and spectrum services for testing, network administration, and software development.
According to TeamLease services’ chief business officer, Mayur Today, the 5G hiring momentum will sustain over a few quarters, requiring employers to invest in skilling their employees to meet the job demand created.
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