7th Pay Commission constituted to revise salary of Karnataka govt employees | Mint – Mint

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday announced the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission to revise the salary of state government employees
The 7th Pay Commission will be established to review the pay for state government employees, according to an announcement made on Wednesday by Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. The chairman of the commission to review the pay scale for state government employees has been named as Sudhakar Rao, a former chief secretary, he said.
An earlier petition to the government for the appointment of a retired High Court judge as the chairperson of the 7th Pay Commission was submitted by a joint action committee of numerous associations of government employees.
A commission would be established to update government employee salaries, according to Bommai’s announcement from March. Six lakh employees in the election-bound state would have their salary prospects covered by the proposed pay commission.
(With inputs from PTI)
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