Amid rising covid cases, Karnataka makes masks compulsory in schools,colleges | Mint – Mint

The Karnataka government on Wednesday made masks mandatory in schools and colleges, in the wake of a surge in Covid cases in several countries.
As the new year is accompanied by rising COVID cases, the Karnataka government made it compulsory for students to wear masks in schools and colleges on Wednesday.
To reduce the chances of COVID contraction, teachers have been already insisting students take COVID precautions in school. However, many of them were found to be reluctant of wearing masks again.
“Children came out of the Corona after a long time and they are not ready for weak masks. But we will create awareness about it,” said Vinod Patil, teacher to ANI.
In addition to schools and colleges, masks and other covid precautionary measures were made mandatory in places like restaurants, pubs, schools, and airport in the state. The Kalaburagi Aiport has already made the mask mandatory for passengers.
“Wearing a mask has been made mandatory at the Kalaburagi Airport. No one without a mask will be allowed to enter the airport premises,” Chilaka Mahesh, Director of Kalaburagi Airport said.
The decision came in a meeting held by the Karnataka government on COVID preparedness. It was chaired by Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar along with Revenue Minister and State Disaster Management Authority vice-chairman R Ashoka.
Revenue Minister R Ashoka on Monday said, “COVID cases are increasing in China. Our advisory cell suggested monitoring international travellers. We had a meeting related to COVID preparedness along with Health Minister K Sudhakar. Two hospitals will be dedicated in Bengaluru for providing treatment to people having symptoms”.
He informed that the N95 masks have been made mandatory in movie theatres and people will be encouraged to adhere to COVID protocols including masks, sanitisers, etc.

Limited operation and mandatory mask

In addition to making mask mandatory for at places like restaurants and pubs, the Minister informed that these places will be operated with a limited number of visitors. Moreover, Pubs will be allowed to open till 1 am during New Year celebrations.
For the proper implementation of the guidelines, district surveillance teams will be formed. The minister has asked the public to not to panic as he assured the situation to be under control.
“There is no need to panic. The measures are being taken as a precaution. No fine will be imposed. We will take further decisions after a meeting with the Chief Minister,” the Minister added on Monday.
(With inputs from ANI)
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