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Fitness can be achieved at any age, says Air Marshal P V Iyer (retd), whose Fit at Any Age: A Practitioner’s Guide was launched Wednesday in Bengaluru by Air Marshal Manavendra Singh, air officer commanding-in-chief of the Indian Air Force’s training command.
Iyer embarked on a fitness journey when he was 47. At the age of 92, he continues to run 8 km a day and works out five days a week. He said had run more than 1,20,000 km, including several marathons (42 km) and an ultra-marathon from Agra to Delhi (240 km).
When confronted with an IAF policy demanding minimum, age-specific physical fitness to be eligible for promotion, Iyer set out to pass the test. In the course of his training it dawned on him that everyone, irrespective of age and lifestyle, can become fit and that it is never too late to learn new habits.
Informative and humorous, the book combines personal anecdotes, science-based logic and simple tips. It covers various amplitudes that can be followed at any age and guide one and all with a perfect blend of routine and special techniques to stay healthy and fit.
“The book talks about the importance of fitness and it is important for everyone–men, women and children… I started my fitness journey at the age of 47,” Iyer told, adding that the force’s promotion criteria demanded a standard of fitness. “So I started working on fitness and started running. I passed my fitness exam without doubt but carried on running because it was so interesting and found it that I have the strength to run more. I found it so interesting that I decided to run more. I enjoy running.”
“That is how I have run more than 1,20,000 km in the last 40 years. I run daily. On an average I run 8-9 km every day and work out in the gym five times a week. Fitness depends on the cardiovascular system of the body,” he said.
Iyer was commissioned in the IAF in 1951 and he retired in 1987.
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