Bengaluru city sets new record for highest annual rainfall – The Indian Express

Following a vigorous monsoon this year, Bengaluru city recorded 1,700 mm of rainfall till October 18, thereby breaking the annual record of 1,696 mm in 2017.
According to India Meteorological Department (IMD), the previous wettest year was recorded in 2005 when the city received 1,608.5 mm of rainfall. The annual rainfall in Bengaluru recorded in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 are 1,500 mm, 1,200 mm, 950 mm, and 1,050 mm respectively.
This year the city has received 222 mm of rainfall from October 1 to 17, as against 168 mm received in the same period last year. The extreme rainfall patterns in the months of October previously have been 204.3 mm in 2020; 178.4 mm in 2019; 111.7 mm in 2018 and 385.7 mm in October 2017.
The IMD officials said that the northeast monsoon is yet to set in. “It will set in another two days and then we can expect another spell of heavy rainfall in the city. Southwest monsoon which was vigorous over Bengaluru will end once the northeast monsoon sets in,” an official from the IMD said.
The Met department has forecast light to moderate rainfall in the city till October 22.
The department said that in the next 48 hours the weather pattern of Bengaluru will be generally cloudy. “A few spells of rain/thundershowers are very likely. The maximum and minimum temperatures are very likely to be around 28 and 20 degree Celsius respectively,” it said.
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