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  • Bengaluru residents took a dig at the Karnataka govt and listed three ways when the state government fixes the potholes in the city.

Potholes in Bengaluru have turned into death traps. In the past few months, several road accidents have happened in the tech capital of India, all because of potholes. On Friday, a two-wheeler crashed on the road because of a pothole.
A post shared by the Twitter handle, Speak Up Bengaluru, a platform for citizens, read, “Today morning 6 AM, this person fell to pothole while riding vehicle & no one responded yet near Ulsoor Opp. to Adarsha theatre, OldMadrasRoad, Bangalore. Thanks to CV Raman Nagara MLA @mla_raghu for keeping Bengalurians struggling with their lives every day.”
Today morning 6 AM, this person fallen to pathole while riding vehicle & no one responded yet at near Ulasoor Opp. to Adarsha theatre, OldMadrasRoad, Bangalore. Thanks to CV RamanNagara MLA @mla_raghu 4 keeping Bengalurians struggle with their lives every day. #SpeakUpBengaluru
Therefore the rider ended up protesting by sitting on the road.
However, the pothole has been filled as the video of the protest is circulating on social media.
Taking a dig at the Karnataka government, the group said that there are three ways the Bengaluru authority will fix the potholes issues- 1) When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the city 2) When someone dies because of potholes, and 3) When an injured person protests at the pothole site.
“They filled it in the first half, which means @mla_raghu and CM @BSBommai’s #Potholes will be fixed in 3 cases. 1. When PM @narendramodi come? 2. When someone Dies. 3. When somebody is injured and only if injured protest,” it wrote on Twitter.
They filled it in the first half, which means @mla_raghu and CM @BSBommai’s #Potholes will be fixed in 3 cases.
1. When PM @narendramodi comes.
2. When someone Dies.
3. When somebody injured and only if injured protest.#SpeakUpBengaluru
This week, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) gave a major facelift to roads in and around the IT capital, just days before the visit of PM Modi.
Fresh asphalt was done on Gubbi Thotadappa Road connecting Shantala Circle and Sangolli Rayanna Circle and potholes were also filled.
PM Modi had come to Bengaluru on 11 November for the inauguration of Terminal 2 of the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) and the Chennai-Mysuru Vande Bharat Express train.
Last month, the Karnataka High Court said that BBMP has completely failed in implementing its orders on filling potholes on Bengaluru’s roads.
The High Court directed the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to conduct an inspection on the quality of the potholes filling or repair work undertaken by the BBMP and its contractors, and to submit a detailed report within four weeks.
The direction came from the bench comprising Chief Justice P B Varale and Justice Ashok S Kinagi, hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) regarding the bad condition of roads in Bengaluru.
The Bengaluru civic body had submitted a report on the status of the pothole-filling work undertaken. It was submitted that out of the 25,032 potholes identified, 13,843 were filled up till 28 October 2022.
The HC noted that even after six years of the PIL along with several orders of the HC over the years, and several reports and affidavits submitted by the BBMP, “the road conditions in Bengaluru city is not very positively changed and the unfortunate sufferers are the citizens of the city.” The court, which also pointed to deaths due to potholes, said, “This court has observed in various orders that the condition of roads and particularly potholes led to the unfortunate loss of precious human lives.”
To a question about the quality of the repair work undertaken by the contractors to whom the BBMP has entrusted the task, the court was told that civic body officials themselves file a satisfaction certificate after the private contractors undertake the work.
The HC, however, not happy with this process, said: “There is no independent third party assessment of the work undertaken by private contractors assigned by BBMP.” It then directed the chief engineer of NHAI to personally inspect the work or assign a senior engineer to do the survey and submit a report. 
The NHAI representative will survey whether the pothole repair work is as per the contract and also whether the work is satisfactory. It will then give an independent opinion of the pothole-filling work and make suggestions. The report will also indicate whether there is dereliction of duty by the BBMP and failure on part of the contractors. 
The court said that NHAI’s survey will not stop the work already in progress and BBMP can continue with it.
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