Beware of a rise in student job scams – The Daily | Case Western Reserve University

Scammers are actively emailing students with a fake job opportunity to swindle students out of money. These scammers are posing as professors or job recruiters from other companies and offering large sums of money. Often, the work will involve “administrative tasks,” such as finding the price of items in a store and purchasing gift cards. The sums of money offered range from $300 to $800 for a few hours of work. Some scammers have begun including acceptance letters with stolen CWRU logos to legitimize themselves.
Ultimately, the scammers want students to either purchase gift cards (and send the gift card information to them), or they want students to cash phony checks.
Here are some quick indicators that a job opportunity may be a scam:
There are other indicators to be aware of—the Information Security Office has a flow chart to help determine if a job opportunity email is a scam. Additionally, the career development office has tips on identifying job scams. If you receive a job scam email, mark the email as phishing and delete it.
If you have lost money in a job scam, contact the [U]Tech Service Desk for next steps.
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