Coming to UAE for job? Here’s all you need to know about new visa rules – The Siasat Daily

Abu Dhabi: Job seekers coming to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will soon benefit from a visitor visa specially designed for them.
The new visa was among a string of changes announced in April that represent one of the biggest overhauls of the entry and residency system in years. The decision is expected to come into effect in September.
The new visa aims to attract young talents and skilled professionals to explore job opportunities in the country.
Previously, job seekers would arrive on a visitor visa to seek employment. Also, it is illegal for companies to hire workers while on tourist visas.
Job seekers will benefit most from the five-year multiple-entry tourist visa which allows them to enter the country multiple times in a calendar year or stay for 90 consecutive days and then extend it for another 90 days.
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