Coronavirus: Govt to take action against Bengaluru schools that defy holiday orders – Deccan Herald

Refusing to acknowledge the government’s order on indefinite holiday to primary schools over coronavirus outbreak, several schools have come under the radar of the state government.
Gathering inputs about several schools across Bengaluru, despite the government order, still conducting classes for primary students, education minister S Suresh Kumar has sought details on such schools.
Following the positive COVID-19 cases, the state government, considering that the kids are prone to contract the virus, had declared indefinite holiday to primary schools (up to 5 standard). However, in an utter disregard to the safety of kids and the government order, many schools were found functioning as usual. 
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Taking serious note of the lapses by the schools and school managements, Primary and Secondary Education minister Suresh Kumar has directed the Principal Secretary to gather details of such schools and submit a report and initiate strict action against such schools. 
Speaking to media while visiting an examination centre on Wednesday where the II PUC examination was under progress, Suresh Kumar said, “It has come to our notice that some schools are functioning despite the holiday declared by the government. We are getting details about such schools and a strict action will be initiated against them.”
‘Hold exams upon reopening’ 
Considering fear among parents and students that the indefinite holiday to schools would affect examination time table, the education minister has clarified that the exams can be conducted upon reopening of the schools. 
Referring to schools that are still functioning on the pretext of conducting examination, Education minister said, “The exams for the primary schools can be conducted after the reopening of schools. But no school is allowed to hold classes for primary kids by giving examination as the reason,” the minister cautioned the schools. 
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