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by: Bill Smith
by: Bill Smith
After nearly 60 years on NBC stations, the residents of Salem are heading to streaming.
Starting Monday, Sept. 12, new episodes of “Days of our Lives” will air exclusively on the Peacock streaming service.
This move by NBC means that the show will no longer be interrupted due to breaking news or weather coverage and means fans can watch the show on their schedule.
Here are the things you need to know about the big switch.
The show will now be available only on Peacock, which can be accessed through the Peacock app on smart TVs and connected devices like a Fire TV, Roku and AppleTV. The show can also be watched at PeacockTV.com.
New episodes of the show will be available weekdays starting at 5 a.m., Central Time.
There are multiple tiers for Peacock subscribers.
For a limited time to welcome new Days viewers, Peacock is lowering the price for the $4.99 point to just $1.99 per month, or you can save more by paying $19.99 for one year. This offer is could through the month of September.
In addition to being able to watch the show at any time after 5 a.m., the move to Peacock will mean fewer commercials in the show (or none for viewers on the ad-free tier), which would allow episodes to have more content than what is in current episodes. Also, the shows would not be pre-empted for news or sports programming, which happened 16 times last year.
Starting September 12, viewers on KARK will see NBC News Daily, a new show from NBC News with the latest on the events happening around the country and around the world. The show will be anchored by award-winning journalists including Kate Snow, Aaron Gilchrist, Vicky Nguyen and Morgan Radford.
A toll-free Days of our Lives customer care line has been set up to answer your questions. Just click here from your phone to call 855-597-1827 and get more information about the move.
You can also go the PeacockTV.com/Help to use the Live Chat to find more information about the switch.
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