Delhi government to begin ‘Spoken English’ courses to train students – Hindustan Times

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To help individuals become fluent in English communication, the Delhi government is set to launch a course that will train students in ‘Spoken English’.
Sharing details about the initiative on Saturday, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “We often see that children from poor, lower middle-class, and middle-class families are not proficient in English. They are left behind in life and face challenges in securing a job since they are unable to speak properly in English,” said Kejriwal.
He said that while children were getting a good education in government schools, the Delhi government did not want them to lag behind other children with more facilities on other fronts. To help such children become fluent in English, the government is initiating a ‘Spoken English’ course which will be run by Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University. Students who have basic knowledge of English will be able to take admission to the course which will last for 3-4 months.
“The Delhi government is starting a program on Spoken English for students who have completed class 12 but are struggling to find a job since they are weak in English. In the first phase of the program, we will train around 1 lakh children in Spoken English across 50 centres. The number of centres will be scaled up gradually,” said Kejriwal.
The government is tying up with Macmillan and Wordsworth for the course and assessments will be carried out by Cambridge University. Evening and weekend courses will be available for those who might be doing part-time jobs, said the chief minister.
Youngsters in the 18-35 age bracket will be able to enroll for the course. The course fee will be free but the government will take a security deposit of 950 to ensure that students take the course seriously. Upon successful completion of the course, the security fee will be returned to the candidates. “This program will help our students in securing jobs and developing their personality,” said Kejriwal.
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