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Hydrant is looking for a Chief Thirst Officer who will make $15,000 to create content around … [+] drinking water
We all know we’re supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, but are you really doing it? If you’re a fanatic about keeping hydrated then you might just be who Hydrant is looking for.
This summer Hydrant — science-backed, no sugar added electrolytes made to add to water — is looking for a Chief Thirst Officer aka their authority on all things hydration. It’s an eight week gig that’s paying a cool $15,000. As CTO your job is to make sure their audience is never thirsty (like never, ever). It starts with something as simple as drinking 8 glasses of water a day (with Hydrant of course). 
“We’re asking for our Chief Thirst Officer to make content around something as simple as drinking water, so if social media is your thing, it should truly be a dream job. The job is fully remote and you’ll be surrounded by a creative, hardworking and dedicated team,” says John Sherwin, Hydrant co-founder.
Hydrant is science-backed. As in, one of its founders is a scientist by training and actually developed the product out of his own need for hydration. “I needed something that would hydrate me faster than water alone (you actually need a bit of salt and the right balance of electrolytes), but wanted to make sure it tasted good and would be something I would enjoy drinking,” says Sherwin about creating Hydrant. 
Made to protect from dehydration in the form of the most effective, science-backed lineup of … [+] wellness products.
The Chief Thirst Officer is welcome to think of this position as a side hustle rather than something time consuming, so you’re welcome to keep any job you already have while working with them. Unlimited Hydrant is part of the package and you’ll be featured all over the official social media channels.
Above all, Hydrant is looking for someone who is wildly creative. Someone who’s over the dehydration memes and can develop content to share how good it feels to be hydrated while levelsetting the task so many find daunting. You’ll be responsible for creating a minimum of 3 videos per week to be posted to Instagram and TikTok — and drink water, lots of it.
With so many fun flavors it’s nearly impossible to get bored of Hydrant. There’s new limited edition summer flavors like, Peach Iced Tea and Raspberry Iced Tea. Or try several at once with the ever so popular HYDRATE Variety Pack.
Do you think you’ve got what it takes to quench the thirst of the nation? 

Learn more about Hydrant and what they are looking for in a Chief Thirst Officer on their website. This position will be filled and announced in July.


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