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Are you a lover of Christmas inflatables? Firm believer that there’s no such thing as too many Christmas lights? Wacky Tacky Light Tour is the event for you. This family-friendly event is kicking off on December 14 for four nights only. Be sure to grab your tickets before they’re gone!
As the name suggests, this tour is an incredibly fun evening of touring the wackiest, tackiest holiday displays across Birmingham. Board the bus and sit back, relax and enjoy the displays as your friendly tour guide offers commentary throughout the ride.
The two-hour tour kicks off in Avondale and includes a wide range of inflatables, bright lights and other festive surprises. You’ll see plenty of Santa hats, Christmas creatures and a Hannukah-themed house displaying “Oy to the World.”
If you weren’t on board already, allow me to seal the deal. This evening of joy is for a good cause—all proceeds benefit the Fresh Air Family. This organization helps children and families get active in the great outdoors.
Proceeds go to their scholarship fund, which helps children attend their popular summer camps for free. Last year, the event raised $30,000, which sent over 170 kids to camp.
I caught up with founder and executive director, Verna Gates, who personally curates the tour each year. Her favorite part? The opportunity for children to have access to stimulating, educational outdoor activities at no cost to their parents.
This event has a cult following, so grab your tickets while you still can! Here’s what you need to know:
“It’s just fun. I think part of the magic of it to me is that the holidays can really be stressful. There’s always expectations of Norman Rockwell’s family, and it isn’t always that way. Sometimes it’s nice to do something that’s totally the opposite—goofy and tacky. People dress up and sing carols. It’s a return to simple things that I think is just what people need at this time of year.”
—Verna Gates, founder and executive director, Fresh Air Family
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