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Byron Slosar, founder and CEO of HelloHIve, a new online recruiting platform that emphasizes … [+] diversity, equity and inclusion.
A new online recruiting and hiring platform called HelloHive (formerly Hive Diversity) has joined the ever expanding list of virtual recruiting companies, and it’s causing quite a buzz.
The company, founded in 2020 by Byron Slosar, an alum of Tulane University where he also worked as a fundraiser and career development director, specializes in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for its community of students and recent graduates, and employer partners.
In the crowded online recruiting and employment space that includes the likes of LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, Handshake, and Knac, Hive is enjoying strong growth. In less than two years, it’s:

Having previously spent 15 years in undergraduate career development and recruiting, Slosar believed that a reliance on only a traditional approach to campus-based and core-school focused job recruitment had the potential of being inequitable and ineffective. The majority of college students didn’t regularly engage with campus career centers, and less than a third believed they would graduate with the skills to be successful in the job market. They often waited until they were about to graduate before preparing for the job search.
And for many students, particularly from traditionally underepresented groups in higher education, it was much too difficult for them to learn about and prepare for careers. They often did not have access to the internships and alumni neworks that can be crucial to landing the first job after college.
Slosar’s intent was to “build a platform that’s designed for students and recent graduates rather than for companies.” As a result the platform has several unique features. For starters, students are encouraged to sign up when they are freshmen or sophomores so they have the chance to learn what it takes to be successful in the job market and to “build their imagination” and career-relevant experiences. Hive treats early engagement the way internships and jobs have traditionally been treated for college students.
The purpose is not just to help students get a job, explains Slosar. “It’s really about understanding who you are, where you fit, and selecting a company based off understanding that.” The site provides an abundance of programs and experiences that help students make a commitment to career development and become better informed about their DEI opportunities in the workforce.
Students using HelloHive are first required to complete a set of exercises or games – called the Hive5 Process – that trains them in resume preparation, acquaints them with various job opportunities, helps them organize their profile and other personal information, gives them tips on interviewing and communication strategies, and focuses their attention on their self-identified DEI interests.
Included in the tools is a patented resume builder that enables students to craft a one-page, professionally formatted resume that they can update over time and easily customize depending on the experiences and skills they want to emphasize for a prospective employer.
After completing the Hive5 training, students can enter the “FlyHire Portal,” where they are able to see and access early engagement programs, internships and full-time job opportunities.
Students retain control of this process – they must make the first move for a company to learn about them. Slosar emphasizes that the technology is built to protect each candidate’s privacy – no employer has access to a student’s resume or profile without the student taking the first step.
HelloHive embraces an expansive definition of diversity, emphasizing that it includes not just racial or ethnic identity but the full diversity of lived experiences, like being a first generation college student or an immigrant, coming from a lower socioeconomic status, and even being a student-athlete.
Using himself as an example, Slosar says, “I identify as a member of the LGBTQ community. My value to the workforce is my lived experience of being a gay southern Jew from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who went to Catholic school for most of my life and who has 5 siblings. Much of that experience, not just my identity, provides me with skill sets relevant to the workforce.“
That range of diversity typifies HelloHive’s student base: 35% identify as first-generation college attenders, 63% as racial or ethnic minorities, 23% cite sexual orientation as a diversity experience, and 14% point to socioeconomic status or religion as a lived form of diversity.
The company, which now has about 20 full-time employees, earns its revenue from annual subscriptions paid by its partner employers, who report an average successful placement rate of 75% for HelloHive candidates. Among the most popular industries are finance, consulting and technology, entertainment and media, communications and health care.
Slosar believes that HelloHive “has its fingers on the pulse of tomorrow’s talent” and that it’s bridging the gap in access to good careers faced by many students at the same time it’s opening employers’ doors to a more diverse workforce.
While currently restricted to students enrolled in four-year institutions, HelloHive plans be open to students attending two-year colleges beginning in Spring, 2023.


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