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YouTube megastar Jimmy “MrBeast” recently issued a staff vacancy call out for various job roles for anyone with a love for content creation and YouTube. MrBeast is currently one of the most formidable names in content creation. Racking up a whopping 102 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, he is one of YouTube’s fastest-growing creators.
Despite being at the peak of his career growth, MrBeast is not ready to slow down. The YouTuber is aiming to reach an incredible billion subscribers on his main YouTube channel in the coming few years and to help him get there, Jimmy is going to need a large team of creative members.
On August 19, Jimmy uploaded a video to his second YouTube channel explaining the job roles and how anyone with a passion for content creation can apply.
In a YouTube video titled “How to Work For MrBeast,” Jimmy shared a call for various job vacancies on his team. As per the video, the new staff members will work remotely or in his studio space in Greenville, North Carolina. More interestingly, though, there is no specific requirement for most jobs on the list.
All that is required for the job is a love for YouTube, a passion for creating content, knowledge of memes, editing, and an experience in production to “make the best YouTube videos possible.” As viewers might already know, Jimmy has uploaded videos with a month-long gap, and sometimes the gap goes up to 2-3 months, which can significantly affect his subscriber count growth.
Further pointing out the issues he has been facing due to a lack of team members, Jimmy noted:
If this wasn’t it, Jimmy even revealed that he has been trying to do things that have never been done before on the red video sharing platform. Calling out YouTube enthusiasts to work with, MrBeast further added:
Listing out the simple requirements for the job roles, he added:
Of course, trying to create something as big as Squid Game and Willy Wonka in a limited time frame is not an easy job as it requires a team of dedicated, creative members. This is precisely why MrBeast is calling out for help from his viewers who have always wanted to be a part of his widely popular yet crazy video ideas.
Some job openings on the website include Content Strategist, Editor, Producer, Production Manager, Capture Artist, Sound Designer, and many more.
As expected, the video has also been a tremendous hit among his viewers, racking up over 6.2 million views and thousands of comments from people worldwide. Judging by the reaction, fans are thrilled to work with him and learn something new with every project.
Sharing a wide spectrum of positivity, here’s what fans have to say:
With that said, any of his fans who have a passion for YouTube could be in with a golden chance of working with the man of the moment himself for his next videos. An application list and a full job description are available on Jimmy’s website.

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