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There are many Sri Lankans studying, working and some even settled in foreign countries like Canada, USA, Australia and European countries. There is a tendency among Sri Lankan youth also to migrate to these countries. Within this background, there is a lot of misinformation circulating on social media related to foreign job opportunities. This is our investigation regarding such misinformation campaigns about Canadian jobs.
Social Media Posts
A Facebook user-added photos related to Canada to alongside the below text.
This is open to all Individuals who wants to work in *CANADA*, Here is a great chance for you all to work conveniently in Canada.
_Canada needs over 450,000 workers in 2022_
*Over 670,000 Jobs are Open for applying*
_-Travel expense_.
_-Medical Facilities_.
_-Applicant must be 16years or above_.
_-Can speak basic English_.
_-Instant Work Permit_
_-Visa application assistance_
_-All nationalities can apply_
_-100% Open to all Individuals and Students who wants to work and Study_
Click on the link below to send a direct message to the hiring manager on WHATSAPP
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The same content of above social media post went viral in Whatsapp also.
Due to the virality of these posts, we decided to do an investigation over these.
Fact Check
First, we checked in mainstream media, whether Canadian government had announced to recruit 450,000 foreign workers in Canada for year 2022.We were not able to find any such media reports.
After that we checked the social media accounts of Canadian High Commission for Sri Lanka, and were able to find their posts regarding this issue. They strictly say that the related social media posts are false.
Facebook | Archived
We contacted the high commission of Canada for Sri Lanka and got re-confirmation from an officer of high commission that the above social media posts are false. She further added that even though there may be some vacancies in Canadian industries and etc. the claims are totally misleading and that the Canadian government is not going to give 450,000 jobs for foreigners in 2022 and social media claims related with the “Government of Canada recruitment campaign 2022 with instant work permits” are false.
Meanwhile, Canadian government also has issued warnings to protect from immigration frauds and they urging the people to avoid becoming victims of such fraudulent scams and report such to the Canadian government.
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According to our investigation, we were able to find out that the social media posts claiming that government of Canada recruiting 450,000 workers with instant work permits are false and misleading the public. Canadian High Commission of Sri Lanka confirmed the same and they also released social media statements related to these fraudulent scams.
Title:Is the Canadian government giving 450,000 job opportunities for foreigners in 2022?
Result: False
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