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JACKSONVILLE, Fla — As inflation keeps going up and breaking records, more people are saying they’re having a hard time.
For a single mother of six in Jacksonville, paychecks from the multiple jobs she works aren’t going as far. She is not in this problem.
“I am a single mom,” Bell said. “I have six children. I do work two jobs.”
Bell’s life is more than busy these days.
“I have three that go to camp in one location,” she said about her kids. “I get off at five, back to work at six.”
Bell says most of her friends also work multiple jobs. It means she has less time to spend with her family.
“It’s hard,” Bell said. “It’s a struggle, being away from your kids and having to work all of those hours. There’s no help for it. The pay is nothing. You’re going to work for all these hours just to get a certain amount, but we need a pay increase because the amount of hours that I work and the money that I bring in, it’s nothing at all.”
Sixty percent of people are reportedly having a hard time meeting their usual household expenses and some of the hardest times are falling on people in Florida, according to online insurance company QuoteWizard.
Compared to last year, QuoteWizard finds the number of Floridians who say they’re having a “very difficult” time meeting household expenses has gone up 173 percent, one of the highest in the country.
“I lost my husband last year, and he was a lot of help,” Bell said.
Rent is Bell’s biggest expense, but she says she’s been unable to get assistance. It’s been tough, but along the way there have been bright spots such as moving into a new house.
“To all the single parents that are doing their best, just keep doing it,” Bell said. “It’ll all work out sooner or later. I don’t know when, but sooner or later it will, it’ll all pay off.”
Bell was using emergency rental assistance from the city of Jacksonville before the program ended. She uses JEA MyWay to pay for utilities. Learn more about that option here.
Find a food pantry or food distribution near you here.
Emergency rental assistance with Our Florida is ending. The state Department of Children and Families recommends the following programs for families looking for help with rent:
Florida’s Center for Child Welfare
Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity
Florida Association for Community Action
DCF Continuums of Care
Other organizations that offer help to families include the following:
Downtown Ecumenical Services Council, Inc.
Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM)
Catholic Charities of Jacksonville
Lutheran Social Services
United Way of Northeast Florida
Demetria Bell is a single mother of 6 who works 2 jobs.

Inflation is making life harder & she's by far alone – @QuoteWizard finds 60% of people are having a hard time meeting their usual household expenses and some of the hardest times are falling on people in Florida.@FCN2go pic.twitter.com/tN7j9V585O
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