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According to Congress, Jammu and Kashmir lost their identity under the BJP and called for support to restore statehood.
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Updated: 14 Nov 2022 8:48 am
The Congress here on Sunday said Jammu and Kashmir lost their identity under BJP and appealed to the people to support it in the fight for the restoration of statehood.
The party also lashed at the Union Territory administration accusing it of failing to ensure the safety of minorities in Kashmir.  
It said that the Kashmiri minorities and Jammu employees are being forced to serve in sensitive areas at risk of their lives and are being denied their salaries.
"BJP regime has destroyed Jammu and Kashmir in various spheres, as it lost its identity, status, right over jobs, lands, opportunities of trade and transport and business besides whatsoever selections and recruitment were done in the UT, witnessed corruption and scams," J&K Congress chief Vikar Rasool Wani said.  
He said that people have exploited in the name of a bright future, control prices, and two crore jobs annually.  
But all their promises have fallen flat, except politics of hate and division, he said.  
He said that Jammu and Kashmir was a historical state with much better living conditions than most states in the country, but now it has been pushed into an atmosphere of political uncertainty.  
The former minister asserted that congress is the only viable alternative to the divisive policies of BJP, which has vitiated the political, social, secular, and democratic atmosphere in the country and Jammu and Kashmir.  
Raman Bhalla, the party’s working president, said, "Kashmir has become more unsafe for minorities and outside people including the peace-loving locals under the UT regime remotely controlled by BJP."
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