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Campus Reform periodically posts job and internship opportunities in the Conservative Movement targeted at college students or recent graduates. Below is more information on this position's responsibilities and requirements.  

Media Research Center (MRC) is searching to fill internship opportunities in nine departments. The Fall 2022 internship begins on September 12 and ends on December 2. 

MRC, a research and education non-profit organization, is committed to neutralizing left-wing bias in the news media and pop culture.

MRC Marketing Paid Fall Internship 

Marketing interns have the opportunity to work on graphic design, emails, newsletters, social media, and more. Marketing interns help MRC convey their message online and design content to shape branding.

MRCTV Paid Fall Internship 

MRCTV interns write as a blogger for MRCTV. They have the chance to research, pitch, and write on controversial topics. They will also be able to attend and cover events in the Washington, D.C. area. There are also opportunities to assist with video production, filming man-on-the-street videos, and video editing.  

MRC Culture interns have the opportunity to contribute to the widely read conservative blog, Newsbusters. Interns will analyze cultural, social, and entertainment news coverage on a daily basis looking for bias. Interns also have the opportunity to expose trends in the media, including bias against Judeo-Christian ethics and morality through research. Entertainment, society, American culture, and religion are a few topics covered by MRC Culture.  

MRC Free Speech America Paid Fall Internship 

Free Speech America interns have the opportunity to monitor social media and Big Tech bias, exposing free speech censorship online. Interns will help compile articles and analyze instances of censorship from companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

MRC Fundraising and Development Paid Fall Internship  

Development interns gain experience in fundraising events and database administration. MRC has a wide database of supporters who give at the individual and foundational levels. Development interns learn about the inner functioning and operations of a nonprofit. 

MRC Newsbusters Paid Fall Internship  

 NewsBusters interns have the opportunity to contribute to the widely read conservative blog, NewsBusters. Interns will be assigned a daily beat of liberal TV shows and print/online outlets to monitor for political bias. They are expected to craft blogs designed to get the maximum amount of exposure possible. 

MRC Latino Paid Fall Internship 

MRC Latino is hiring bilingual interns to analyze news programming in English and Spanish. 

MRC Latino interns will work with other MRC Newsbusters interns but will apply their work to U.S. Spanish-language media outlets, producing analyses in both English and Spanish. 

CNSNews Paid Fall Internship 

CNSNews interns will be credentialed on Capitol Hill in order to ask members of Congress and VIPs tough questions, file stories on deadline, and see stories published and promoted to more than 1 million readers per week. Interns will also have the opportunity to attend White House press briefings. 

MRC IT/Tech Paid Fall Internship 

IT/Tech interns gain experience working in a fast pace environment with MRC's IT team. Opportunities for working with both the front and back ends of web development are available.

Interested candidates should apply by visiting

Media Research Center is located in Reston, Virginia. Internships are 12 weeks long, and hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. 

Aubrey Tuell is a North Carolina Correspondent for Campus Reform. She is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, majoring in political science and business administration. Aubrey is the Founder and President of the Turning Point USA chapter and the Network of Enlightened Women chapter at UNC Wilmington.

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