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Are you on the hunt for a new job? Job-seekers, with over 19.5k jobs available in the Greater Birmingham area, we have good news for you. We did the work for you and have top jobs and employers within 25 miles of Birmingham, so keep reading for all the details.
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Alabama hit a record low unemployment rate of 2.7% in May 2022 according to the Alabama Department of Labor. With a rate like that, we think Bama’s the right place to be in.
With 3,854 candidates for 19,563 jobs in Birmingham-Hoover, according to AlabamaWorks!, that means there’s 5.07 jobs per person looking. We like those chances.
In healthcare? Birmingham needs you right now. Other opportunities include retail, including new Verizon retail jobs across the country.
According to, these are currently the 10 employers with the most job openings in the Greater Birmingham area:  
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