Job openings for these IT professionals surge 400%, highest demand from Bengaluru | Mint – Mint

Hiring activity across India was primarily dominated by IT Hubs Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune
As technology transformations become a key priority for companies across India, hiring data suggests that job openings for IT professionals have surged nearly 400%. Demand for talent with niche and super niche skills is seeing an exponential surge owing to pressure fuelled primarily by the BFSI industry, according to a report.
Demand for talent with niche tech skills including Cloud Infrastructure Tech developer, Full Stack developer, React JS developer, Android Developer and Angular JS developer, among others, has seen a surge since last quarter, according to data from business solutions provider Quess.
The ‘Great Resignation’ in IT sector: What’s driving the new hiring trends
In addition to the listed top skills, Gaming (Unity Developers), DevOps (Bamboo, Jira) and Platforms (Salesforce, SAP HANA) have also witnessed an uptick in skill demand.
Hiring activity across India was primarily dominated by IT Hubs Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, followed by Chennai, Mumbai, NCR and other key cities.
Bengaluru witnessed the highest demand (40%), followed by Hyderabad (18%) and Pune (18%).
A skill-wise break-up showed that Bengaluru indicated high demand for Cloud Tech Developers (41%), React JS Developers (44%) and Android Developers (81%), it said.
For Full Stack Developers, nearly equal demand was witnessed across Bangalore (42%) and Hyderabad (37%), while demand for Angular JS Developers was evenly distributed across Hyderabad (25%), Bengaluru (21%), Gurugram (21%), Chennai (16%) and Pune (13%), it added.
The data for the report is derived from the algorithm built into the company’s application tracking system, which maps and matches candidates to positions in the time period of October-March 2020-2021 compared with March-August 2021.
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