Karnataka CM plans 4 new satellite towns around Bengaluru; All you need to know | Mint – Mint

  • Due to the increase in population, the Karnataka Government has decided to expand the Bengaluru’s area

Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru which has continued to receive a barrage of criticism over its poor infrastructure during the recent floods is now going to have four satellite towns.
According to a report by Times Now, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has announced that his government is planning to build four satellite towns in Bengaluru and six integrated towns in the state. In an urban planning concept, a satellite town is a smaller metropolitan area located close to the biggest part of the metro area.
The report said that rural towns–Devanahalli, Nelamangala, Doddaballapur, and one other town will be developed as satellite towns. Devanahalli is located 40 kilometres to the northeast of the city. It is the site of Kempegowda International Airport. Nelamangala town is near the junction point of the National Highways 75 and 4 in Bengaluru Rural. Doddaballapura is an industrial city having several MNCs. Details of the fourth prosed city have not been asserted yet, as per Times Now’s report.
Due to the increase in population, the government has decided to expand the city’s area, Bommai said.
“There’s a need to create infrastructure for connecting Bengaluru and develop ‘a new Bengaluru”, he added.
In March, the Karnata chief minister made similar remarks.
Foreseeing that Bengaluru’s population will go up to around three to four crores in 2040 from the existing 1.3 crores, Bommai opined that the city should be developed like a planet surrounded by satellites.
“Bengaluru should be, according to me, like a planet where there will be satellite towns along with the best of connectivity with rail, road, hi-tech travel systems and easy mode of transportation for the passengers,” Bommai said during the Bengaluru 2040 Summit.

New Bengaluru

In a PTI news agency report, Bommai envisaged “four new Bengalurus around Bengaluru”.
According to him, these satellite towns will have all the amenities.
Bommai opined that the time was ripe for Bengaluru to go vertical as the city has grown horizontally enough and added new localities.
Introducing a new slogan ‘ Nava Karnataka Dinda Nava Bharata’ (New India through New Karnataka), Bommai said he is planning six new integrated cities in the State.
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