Karnataka urge residents to take third Covid vaccine shot, as 8.5 lakh doses remain in stock | Mint – Mint

  • Sudhakar also detailed the Covid-19 preparedness of the state and said that 50-60 beds are reserved for Covid-19 patients in each hospital

Amid a global jump in the cases of Covid-19, the Indian health authorities are looking at increasing the vaccination rates to protect as many persons as possible. Karnataka health minister Dr. K Sudhakar on Tuesday inspected the ‘mock drills’ conducted in the various hospital of the state. The minister also urged the residents of Karnataka to complete their dose of vaccination as the government has an ample amount of vaccination in its stock.
“People should join hands with government measures and take precautionary measures. There are about 8.5 lakh doses of Covid-19 vaccine available in the state and I urge everyone to get the third dose,” Minister Sudhakar said.
The minister also informed about the new strain of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus. The new BF.7 strain of the Omicron variant is the main driver of high cases in countries like China, where health systems are collapsing right now. The minister affirmed that the BF.7 strain is highly-transmissible but not severe.
“The severity of the disease has been reported in foreign countries only in those who have other co-morbidities. This is why vulnerable people have been warned to take extra precautions in the guidelines. The elderly and those with other health problems, pregnant women, and children have been advised to avoid crowded areas. Also, everyone will have to wear a mask mandatorily. Surveillance has been stepped up at Bengaluru and Mangaluru international airports,” he said.
Sudhakar also detailed the Covid-19 preparedness of the state and said that 50-60 beds are reserved for Covid-19 patients in each hospital. In KIMS at Hubli there are 200 ventilators, and a team of expert doctors and staff.
“KIMS Hospital worked very successfully during the first and second covid waves. It will continue to provide good service to the people,” Minister Sudhakar said.
The minister stressed on the need to take all precautionary measures against the virus and said that instead of the government making tough rules, people should be tough-minded to deal with such problems.
“International passengers are being randomly screened at the airports per the center’s guidelines. Minister Sudhakar said that govt is closely monitoring the situation and if there is an increase in cases travelers from specific countries will be tested,” he added.
(With inputs from PTI)
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