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The release date was planned to ensure that his fans had enough time to finish the annual Sabarimala pilgrimage and celebrate Sankranti
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Last Updated: 09.39 AM, Nov 18, 2022
Challenging Star Darshan’s 55th film, Kranti, which reunites him with the team of his earlier Yajamana, is slated for theatrical release on January 26, 2023. The film has been ready for a while, and the team was apparently toying with the idea of releasing it in October or November and then settled for the Republic Day holiday, which gives them ample time to work on the publicity.
Darshan has begun giving interviews to select media outlets and social media influencers. Most mainstream media is still keeping a distance from the star, following his recorded outburst against journalists, which had gone viral. Speaking to an online news media outlet, Darshan explained why the film was releasing on January 26 and not sooner. “This film has been made for my fans, whom I call celebrities. The team of Kranti had initially thought of releasing the film sometime in November, but then we figured that the Sabarimala season begins in December and a large chunk of our audience will probably be taken up the pilgrimage. While wearing the ‘mala’ they cannot watch and celebrate the film. Then, during Sankranti, the farmers of Karnataka will be busy, so we decided that January 26 would be the best time,” he explained during his interaction with Zee Kannada News. 
Kranti, directed by music director V Harikrishna, pairs Darshan with his Bulbul and Ambareesha co-star Rachita Ram. The film has him in the role of an NRI who returns to India and takes up the cudgels of a Kannada medium school, thereby starting a revolution in the education system. Although the film is being marketed as a pan-India release, Darshan had earlier clarified that for him, Kranti is a Kannada movie and that he would promote it in Karnataka only. The makers, he reckoned, will dub it in other languages, but he will not travel to other states with his film.


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