Mangaluru airport will close flight operations from 9.30am-6pm on these days till May. Details here | Mint – Mint

  • The airport will remain closed for major rehabilitation and recarpeting work on its runway.

The Mangalore International Airport (MIA) will remain closed from 9.30am till 6pm everyday except Sunday for a period of over four months starting from 27 January, 2023, an official statement by airport authorities informed. 
The airport will remain closed for major rehabilitation and recarpeting work on its runway. According to the official statement, the work will take place between 9.30 am and 6 pm from Monday to Saturday on all days except Sunday and national holidays until 31 May 2023.
The work will begin from 27 January and is scheduled to go on till 31 May. 
The 2,450 m long and 45-metre-wide concrete runway was opened for traffic in May 2006, making MIA the first airport in Karnataka not only to have two runways, also the first airport to have a rigid pavement or concrete runway. 
This rigid pavement runway has since then undergone periodic maintenance. The scheduled rehabilitation and recarpeting will see MIA asphalt or blacktop the runway to standards specified by the regulator. 
The runway will be recarpeted to improve its micro and macro texture, and other allied repairs conceptualised over the years. The recarpeting work also includes installation of the runway centreline lights which will aid the aircraft operations at night and in low visibility conditions and improvements to runway end saftey areas (RESA). 
This will enhance the safety as suggested by the committee of inquiry that probed IX 1344 plane crash at Kozhikode in Kerala. MIA has discussed the recarpeting project with the airline and stakeholders concerned prior to obtaining regulatory approvals. 
The airport has worked along with the airline partners to ensure that while the flight timings are altered to accommodate the all-important runway recarpeting work, there will be no cancellation of flight to any destination, both international and domestic, the release said.
The Airport Authority of India (AAI) in November, 2022 had informed that the airport will be renamed as Mangaluru Airport in December. The airport was given to the Adani Group by the AAI in October 2020 to operate, manage, and develop for 50 years.
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