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The senior BJP leader has said that Bengaluru will become India’s economic capital in next five years.
In the following five years, Bengaluru will replace Mumbai as the economic capital of India, according to Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. He was speaking at the closing of Bengaluru Tech Summit 2022.
Bommai remarked that Karnataka had been in a stronger position to attract international investment and that companies outside of Bengaluru must expand. Karnataka ranks highly in the areas of economy, technology and agriculture, hence it stands to reason that more responsibility falls on these areas, he added.
Maintaining Karnataka’s position as the top state in all categories is difficult as it must put in a lot of effort to succeed according to the Karnataka CM. In this sense, it has faith in the diligence of engineers and scientists while modern technology must be applied to advance humankind and create a just society, he added.
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Every individual has the power to bring about change, so he must move forward in confidence and without concern for the outcome, as per Karnataka CM. A small number of people, not any particular company, have been responsible for many significant innovations, he said.
He further said, “They have successfully conducted the Bengaluru Tech Summit and it must be carried forward. The feelings of participants in these three days of events are very important. Bengaluru means a city of gold and people with a golden heart.”
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On November 19, Bommai and Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw reviewed nine new railroad projects that had been taken on in a 50:50 partnership with the Government of India. In order to expeditiously complete ongoing rail projects in the state with greater coordination and within the designated time-frame, they also resolved to form a committee made up of senior officials from the railways and the Karnataka government.
Bommai gave the go-ahead to the concerned officials to purchase the property needed for railway projects first. “The land acquisition must be hastened for those projects which are in great demand and urgency in its completion,” he said.
(With agency inputs)
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