Seattle falls out of top 10 metros for tech job postings as Amazon … – Puget Sound Business Journal

Seattle has dropped out of the top 10 metros for tech job postings, according to the new Dice Tech Job Report for the first half of 2022.
The report from Dice, a platform that connects tech workers with employers, noted the Seattle area ranked 11th by tech job postings, down from seventh in Dice’s second quarter 2021 report.
According to the report, the region’s dip was “due at least in part to hiring slowdowns at Microsoft and Amazon, two of the region’s biggest employers, as well as a slackening in retail spending.”
New York, Chicago and Atlanta took the top three spots, respectively, by tech job postings during the first half of 2022. San Francisco came in fourth, while Austin, Texas, came in fifth. The report also ranked states and the District of Columbia by tech job postings. Washington came in 10th and grew its total tech jobs postings by 29% year over year during the first half of 2022.
Despite falling out of the top 10, the Seattle area grew its total number of tech job postings by 56% year over year during the first half of 2022, according to the Dice report. The growth put the Seattle area at 17th for cities by year-over-year tech job postings growth during the first half of 2022. Orlando, Florida, took the top spot with 111% year-over-year growth during the first half, while Miami (104%) came in second and Detroit (90%) was third.
Overall, even as layoffs hit the tech industry, the report noted demand for tech talent remains high. The report looked at 3 million tech job postings from January to June of this year.
“While the continued strength of the tech job market may come as a surprise to some readers, the results are due to tech hiring maintaining momentum across a wide range of industries. Companies not normally categorized as tech (i.e., those not traditionally referred to as tech companies, but are still investing in technology) continue to recruit and hire tech talent at a rapid pace. These gains outweighed the impact of hiring freezes and layoffs at tech-focused organizations,” the report read.
The Dice report also listed the top 50 employers of tech talent during the first half of 2022. Although the list wasn’t ranked, local giants Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing made the list.
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