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In a faux pass, image of Indian Actress Sunny Leone’s was printed on admit card of Karnataka’s TET 2022, a probe has been initiated in the matter
A candidate was left in shock, after she found the image of Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone, in the place of her original image on the admit card of the Karnataka Teacher’s Eligibility test held on 6 November.
The blunder has left many people amused and has also led to an inquiry into the incident by the education department after the screenshot of the admit card has gone viral.
Karnataka TET Exam admit card has Sunny Leone adult photo.
Congress has alleged that it's fault of KA education dept, which govt has refuted.
However, the candidate said, she took help of husband's friend in filling up forms and uploading photo at exam portal.
The incident came to light at the time of the examination when a candidate showed her hall ticket carrying the image of the actress at the Rudrappa College on the day of the TET 2022 examination. As of now, a complaint has been filed about the case with the Cyber Crime police.
The police informed me that the goof-up would have happened at the time of uploading information like photographs while filling out and submitting the application online. The candidate informed me that she didn’t apply online on her own, but she took the help of others to do so and reported PTI.
In this case, the education department has made clear that for candidates to enter the information for filling application, they have to use the user-generated ID and password. The ID and password are exclusive to the candidate and no one can make changes to them.
“The department has no role in whatever media is reporting on this issue. Yet we have requested the police to investigate the matter and initiate action against those responsible for the incident,” the Public Instruction Department told PTI.
As the ID and password are the key components in filling candidate details in the application, the state education department has made it clear that the change in image is not the department’s fault and it has no role in generating the examination hall ticket.
(With inputs from PTI)
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