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It has been almost three months since the schools in Karnataka opened for the new academic year and sadly the students attached to the state schools are yet to receive their uniforms, shoes, and socks.
It appears that students will have to wait for a longer time to get their new set of outfits as officials in the school education department said that two new sets of school uniforms for the academic year are expected to reach the students only after two months. The schools in Karnataka opened on May 16, after the summer holidays.
While the state government had allocated Rs 132 crore for shoes and socks, school officials said that the amount is yet to reach the school bank accounts. However, the school authorities have gone ahead with allocating quotations to vendors who are now collecting the measurements of the students.
A government education officer has said that the distribution of fabric for uniforms has been completed in four districts – Yadgir, Koppal, Haveri, and partly in Raichur. “In these four districts, the fabric is ready as the weavers have already supplied the cloth materials to the schools. In the remaining 23 districts, tenders have been invited from manufacturers and quality checks are done on the fabric. Suppliers have informed us that the cloth materials are still in the manufacturing stage and will reach schools in the next two months,” the officer said.
Meanwhile, the students in government schools are currently managing with either colour dress or the previous year’s uniform that hardly fits them. A teacher from one of the Karnataka public schools in Bengaluru said, “The students are wearing old uniforms which are not fitting them. The waist size of the students has increased. Stitching the uniforms costs at least Rs 900 for boys and Rs 700-800 for girls. Most of these students come from an economically backward section and they hesitate to spend so much money on stitching the outfits.”
One of the Karnataka government schools in Bengaluru is lucky to get the support of an NGO. “On the occasion of Independence Day an NGO has proposed to buy the students a set of uniforms because a lot of them are wearing colour dress to schools,” said the headmistress of a public school in the city.
In some public schools with a strength of around 1000 (from LKG to class 10), the distribution of socks and shoes is getting delayed primarily due to the enormous number. The process of taking measurements for shoes has just been completed at the Government High School in Puttenahalli which has a total of 1,400 students (from LKG to Class 10). “We have 1,400 students and the measurements for shoes and socks have been collected by the vendor. It is a time-consuming process,” said one of the teachers.
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