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By Danyal Hussain For Daily Mail Australia


Indian bounty hunters have revealed they are expecting someone close to Toyah Cordingley’s suspected killer Rajwinder Singh to tip them off about his location ‘in the next 30 days’.
Toyah, 24, was found dead on a remote beach in far north Queensland in 2018 and her alleged killer Singh, 38, is believed to have fled to India two days later.
Now a bounty hunter, speaking from New Delhi, said Queensland police’s $1million reward for information on Singh will prove ‘helpful’ in the bid to find him.
The man, who refused to be named, said the reward would attract track-and-trace experts to try and find Singh. 
However, he also believes that the reward could entice one of the people harbouring Singh to tip off cops.  
Toyah Cordingley (pictured) was 24 when she was found dead in a shallow grave at Wangetti Beach in October 2018 
Rajwinder Singh (pictured), 38, is the prime suspect in Toyah’s death. The nurse from Innisfall fled to India two days after her death, leaving behind his wife and three kids
‘We are expecting someone very close to him will tip off in the next 30 days,’ the bounty hunter told 7NEWS.
However, he also admitted that if the reward doesn’t work, Singh is not likely to be found for at least ‘another two to three months’.
 Singh is ‘bound to’ eventually emerge in public, the bounty hunter added.
‘He needs money (and) he’ll work. For that, he’ll need to have an identity,’ he said.
‘If he is using an identity, someone close to him (could alert authorities). Once we zero down on the sympathisers, it will be easy to trace their activity.’
Detectives who have travelled from Australia to India have welcomed the potential involvement of bounty hunters in the search.
Queensland Detective Inspector Chris Knight said investigators would ‘welcome information from any source’.
‘As long as we can get him in a lawful way and put him before a court down the track, that to me is a positive outcome,’ he told 7NEWS.
News coverage of the hunt for Singh is increasing in India, with the story published in several newspapers in recent days.
The $1million reward was issued last week, with Toyah’s mother Vanessa Gardiner saying she hoped the reward would bring her daughter’s killer to justice.
‘I can’t believe that it’s a million dollars, but Toyah deserves that, she deserves every bit of it,’ Gardiner said in a video statement.
Police have released images of Mr Singh moments before he boarded a plane to India at Sydney International Airport
An extradition request was lodged for Mr Singh (pictured) in March last year. It was signed off by Indian authorities last month
‘And I just hope that I get that call very soon to say that they found him.
‘To anyone that knows where he is, please turn him in. If he sees it, I wish he would come forward and turn himself in.’
Toyah drove to Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns, on October 21, 2018, to walk her dog.
The pharmacy worker and animal shelter volunteer was then allegedly attacked and killed at the beach.
Friends and family conducted a search for Toyah when she didn’t return home.
In an horrific twist, it was Toyah’s father who discovered her body the next morning, buried in a shallow grave with her dog tied up nearby.
Police later identified Rajwinder Singh, a nurse from Innisfall, as a suspect.
Mr Singh flew from Cairns to Sydney after the alleged murder before he boarded a plane to India two days after Toyah’s death.
Toyah had driven to Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns, to walk her dog. She never returned home
He left behind his nursing job, his wife and his three children.
Police have now released images of Mr Singh at Sydney International Airport, just moments before he left the country.
He is believed to have flown to his hometown of Amritsar in Punjab.
His family have denied claims he killed Toyah, saying he was ‘not capable’ of murder.
They also allege his flight back to India two days after Toyah’s death was pure coincidence.
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