Will implement Old Pension Scheme if we come to power: Karnataka AAP – The Indian Express

The state unit of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Tuesday extended its support to the indefinite strike called by the Karnataka State Government NPS Employees Association at the Freedom Park in Bengaluru. The protestors are demanding a rollback of the New Pension Scheme (NPS) and re-introduction of the Old Pension Scheme (OPS).
Karnataka AAP vice-president Bhaskar Rao, who accompanied party leaders to Freedom Park where the protest is being held, announced that if AAP comes to power in the state, NPS will be scrapped and OPS will be implemented.
ಹೊಸ ಪಿಂಚಣಿ ಯೋಜನೆ ಕೈಬಿಡಿ ಹಳೆಯದೇ ನಮಗೆ ಒಳಿತು ಎಂದು ರಾಜ್ಯ ಸರ್ಕಾರ ನೌಕರರು. ಅದಕ್ಕೆ ಬೆಂಬಲ ನೀಡಿದರು ಎಎಪಿ ನಾಯಕರು.
Bring back the old pension scheme, demand State Govt employees. AAP leaders stand in solidarity with their cause.@Nimmabhaskar22 @brijeshkalappa pic.twitter.com/SmCMXCId6k
— AAP Bengaluru (@AAPBangalore) December 20, 2022  
Speaking at the protest, Rao said, “During the Punjab election, the Aam Aadmi Party had promised to implement OPS if it comes to power. Accordingly, the cabinet there approved the implementation of OPS in November and the government issued a gazette notification. In Gujarat too, the AAP had guaranteed to implement OPS but the party did not come to power. If we come to power in Karnataka, we will implement the OPS. We will clearly mention this in the election manifesto and a guarantee card will be issued to the people. AAP is always committed to protect the interest of government employees.”
Aam Aadmi Party leader and senior Supreme Court lawyer Brijesh Kalappa said, “For BJP governments in the Centre and in the state, only capitalist businessmen are important. The needs of the common man, including employees, labourers, farmers, small businessmen, do not matter. People from different walks of life have been protesting for so long and now government employees have come out on the streets. If BJP leaders have even the slightest concern for government employees, let them abolish the NPS and implement the OPS at the earliest.”
Aam Aadmi Party’s labour wing state president Ravi Shankar said, “The employees who joined the government service after 2006 are feeling insecure because of the NPS. They are worried about life after retirement. Abolishing the NPS and implementing the OPS will not put much financial burden on the government. The NPS trust’s contribution is more than Rs 16,000 crore and if OPS is implemented, the contribution will be avoided. When the NPS is scrapped, the money that is received along with interest can be used for development works of the government,” he said.
Under the OPS, retired employees received 50 per cent of their last drawn salary as monthly pensions. NPS is a contributory pension scheme under which employees contribute 10 per cent of their salary (Basic + Dearness Allowance). The Government contributes 14 per cent towards the employees’ NPS accounts.
In a nutshell, the detractors of the OPS argue that it is fiscally unsustainable — that is, governments in India do not have the money to fund it — while the detractors of NPS call NPS politically unsustainable — that is, it fails to address the felt needs of the people.
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