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Xiaomi Hiring Senior Software Engineer: Check How to Apply Details Here
Xiaomi hiring well qualified and experienced Senior Software Engineer at their Bangalore Location. If you hire as a Software engineer, you will own front-end development aspects of the Mi.com App/PC/M-site. You will ensure that any new project or optimization for Xiaomi is thoroughly developed by applying best practices and taking initiatives to improve UX.
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The Ideal Candidates should be able to
Responsible for the front-end development of Xiaomi’s own eCommerce portal Mi.com/in.
Build a large front-end technology ecology around eCommerce-related business lines, including but not limited to general component libraries, low-code platforms, cross-end development, visual interaction, data-based systems, etc.
Continuous optimization of existing large front-end technology systems to accumulate and share best development practices.
Develop a thorough understanding of Mi.com processes, systems & operating practices.
Work with the product team to get a deep understanding of product functionality/optimizations to evaluate and ensure product quality.
Create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured developmental guidelines.
Work with the technical teams in China to develop projects and resolve any bugs/defects and suggest optimizations.
Applicant should have 5+ years of working experience.
Proficient in web-side development systems: React/TS/JQuery, etc.
Experience in front-end architecture design, performance optimization, etc.
Proficient in the use of Mac environment for development, master the necessary skills such as git, shell, etc.
Ability to work efficiently in teams and focus on front-end development
Familiar with back-end languages.
Previous experience in 2C system developments.
Ability to view from a customer perspective, focus on UX, and UI design.
Experience in Leading a team is a plus.
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